7 super powers every web designer wishes they had

Haven’t you ever wished that the web designer job description came with a cape?   It is not all cargo trousers, jeans and clever t-shirt slogans you know.

Here are the 6 super powers I think we should add.

Mind reading skills

Life  would be so much easier if we knew exactly what everyone was thinking.   When they say blue, what exact shade are they talking about?    How small is that change they are talking about?   Does everyone really think my chocolate brownies are the best.    

Hmm I see trouble ahead …

The ability to see into the future

Think how accurate our quotes could be if we could see into the future.  On the other hand, remember that small change you  are going to have to make? Spoiler alert, it is going to take more that 5 minutes.

Super Speed

The sort of speed where everything still gets done perfectly,  not the kind where you end-up destroying everything in your wake.   

Of course, most of us can already type faster than our  computer can cope with, so that  might cause its own  problems.

Time Travel

Imagine if the undo function could turn back time, not just that last hour of work  you have wasted.   I mean the hour of creative exploration, not waste, obviously. 

Honestly, we can be trusted, we won’t mess with the past and change those pesky time lines. 

Hmm who designed Comic Sans again.  

Perfect memory recall

If you have ever had to make a round of drinks for a whole studio this would come in really handy.    So that was 4 coffees, one with milk, one without and one with two sugars, one green tea, one builders tea and a Red Bull.    Hmm I’m sure I am missing something.

By the way, does not matter how many Red Bulls you drink, it does not give you wings.  Every web designer has proved that at some point.


Just think about all the time and money that we could save getting to meetings.  No more traffic jams or waiting around for public transport.  

Of course some us are afraid of heights.  I won’t name names.

Yes I know it involves leaving the safety of the office.

Super error detection

I know this one isn’t a normal super hero power, but hasn’t everyone  spent all afternoon glaring at their CSS  code, only to realize  they missed out one semi colon on line 465.   Too geek?

Alright I am going to stop here.  Before we get silly.  Not one word.

Anybody got any better suggestions?