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Why you need a test version of your website

Having a second version of your website might seem like extra work, but in my years of supporting people who build their own websites, the biggest problem is stability. Unstable websites are often down to multiple plugins conflicting with each other, or orphan code left by deactivated or uninstalled plugins

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5 factors to consider before a website re-design

We all know that most websites need a face lift every couple of years, but before you rush out and spend big chunks of your marketing budget, you need to step back for a moment. Let’s consider these 5 important factors to ensure your new website earns its keep.

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Writing content for SEO and real customers

Writing content for your website is a balancing act between what will interest your target market and what will give you prominence in search results. SEO is always going to be a top priority, but it is wasted effort if you optimise your content too far and it does not appeal to real people.

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