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Turn good intentions into real blog posts Over the years we have set up many websites and blogs for clients over a wide range of businesses.  The biggest problem always comes down to writing content and staying committed to writing over a long period of time.  Everyone starts with good intentions, but with busy professional […]

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Make your front page an attention grabbing shop window

Deciding what content goes onto your website front page is never a simple formula. If you work in a large organization, then almost every department will want a piece of what they see as prime real estate. Too much content and you loose impact, too little and you miss an opportunity to highlight the best of what you offer.

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My top 3 books for world book day

Like every web designer on the planet, finding ways to improve my skills and inspire my practice is always a top priority for me.   While most of my learning is online, I still have a deep love for the old fashioned paper based book to inspire me, entertain me and often help me grew. Here […]

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Why I love training and sharing skills

I spend almost as much time training people as I do building websites.   It might come as a surprise, coming from a developer, but I really enjoy training and sharing my skills.  In this weeks blog post I thought I would share why. The light bulb moment There is nothing more satisfying than watching that […]

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Do you need a bespoke design or an off the shelf WordPress Theme?

There are many good commercial WordPress Themes that can be purchased for around $40  (marketplace sites like Theme Forrest are a good source).  Why pay for a bespoke design and WordPress theme?    As a web designer, I have to be honest, I am slightly biased, but I will try and stay as impartial as I […]

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My top 4 WordPress security Plugins

With security being such a hot topic at the moment, I thought I would take you through the top security plugins for WordPress.    Regular backups and running WordPress updates should be your first line of defense.  A security plugin should be your next priority for the security of your WordPress website. Please bare in mind […]

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