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What laws and legislation affect your business website

Do you know what legal responsibilities you have as a website owner? My blog post will cover some of the key regulations you need to consider.

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7 super powers every web designer wishes they had

Haven’t you ever wished that the web designer job description came with a cape? It is not all cargo trousers, jeans and clever t-shirt slogans you know. Here are the 6 super powers I think we should add.

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Avoid these seven traps and reduce your stress when building a new website

Building a new website can be a stressful process.     Even if you know what you want, you are in the hands of the web designer you choose to work with.   Like any creative relationship, this can involve misunderstandings, stress and anger, if you don’t get the foundations of the project right from the start. As […]

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Does your website need to move to HTTPS?

SSL, HTTPs, website security and SEO Over the last couple of years, Google has pushed for websites to move to the https protocol and encrypt any data that they transmit. This began with higher ranking for websites running under HTTPS rather than HTTP. In January this year,  pressure was increased, by marking any e-commerce or […]

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Troubleshooting a WordPress Plugin (and a very long day)

I spend a lot of my time on WordPress, for a fair number of different clients.  When I have problems the experience and advice on blogs and support forums is always invaluable.  To that end I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts myself.  Here I intend to share solutions I have found for […]

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Take some time to write

Join our FREE blog writing challenge

Turn good intentions into real blog posts Over the years we have set up many websites and blogs for clients over a wide range of businesses.  The biggest problem always comes down to writing content and staying committed to writing over a long period of time.  Everyone starts with good intentions, but with busy professional […]

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