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How to grow in confidence or keeping calm and carrying on when running a business

I have been running my own business for over 5 years now and while proud of myself, it has not been without its knocks and bumps.  I have been thinking a lot recently, about what keeps you perceiving when things get tough. Set backs can feel like road blocks that stop you in your tracks. […]

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WordPress Plugins I can’t live without in 2017

If you need a feature, or a piece of functionality adding to WordPress, there is a good chance a plugin exits that will do the job for you.  That said, with so many you should choose your plugins wisely.   Each plugin you add comes with it’s own scripts and CSS that can add weight […]

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The website workout: Top 10 tips to make your website work for a living

“If you website is under performing and not bringing you the traffic and customers you need. Do you know why? Do you have a way of measuring what your website is really doing for your business? Do you have set goals and targets? With 10 top tips Leonie will show you how to make your website a more powerful tool for your business. Time to build traffic, interact with customers and measure exactly how your website performs in the real world.

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Periodict table

Creating custom and interactive content in WordPress

WordPress has come a long way from its original blog editor origins.   Now with plugins, themes, custom post types and taxonomies, you can create a professional and versatile website.   In this post I will share some of the more interesting things we have done with WordPress. An editable Periodic table The requirements For our client  […]

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Troubleshooting a WordPress Plugin (and a very long day)

I spend a lot of my time on WordPress, for a fair number of different clients.  When I have problems the experience and advice on blogs and support forums is always invaluable.  To that end I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts myself.  Here I intend to share solutions I have found for […]

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Is your website content sending you to sleep?

Planning a new website? Download our free workbook.

One of the biggest challenges for my clients is often writing the content for their website. This process can put a launch back months and lead to much frustration. With that in mind I have created a Content Workbook.

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