Can your brand harness the power of the cute internet cat?

Cute kitten -  How many likes do we need before she builds us a website? a website?Alright, here is an experiment.  I’m putting a cute cat image in this post, in fact I will add a cute puppy as well.  Will this post travel further and be liked more? It’s worked for all those other brand why not mine?

Whether it is the ‘Andrex puppy’, the ‘Dulux Dog’ or ‘Keyboard Cat’, cute animals seem to capture the attention more than anything else these days. Even EE thought using a cat in one it’s recent adverts campaign was a good idea. The most cynical of us sneer and complain about those who over share, but even the most hard hearted will still have that moment of cuteness appreciation, even if we refuse to admit it.

Will it work for every brand?

That being said, I don’t believe adding a cute animal to your brand will always work.  Even if  it works for one blog post, I’m not expecting to be inundated with people who want a new website, simply because they liked the cat image I posted.   While we happily share animal images and videos, adding an animal to a brand needs to be done with the right touch to influence your potential customers.

Twitter celeberities like Grumpy Cat get the sort of attention that most twitter accounts only dream of.

You need an idea that is different and sustainable

If you are going to take advantage of the cute factor, you need a new idea that is sustainable and memorable.  For a cute animal to really work well  it has to be done with a little  twist and a bit of flair.

So here is a challenge for you. Find a new way of working a cute animal into your brand.   If you can make it work, then you may be onto a winner. Force it and at best  it will fall flat, at worst it might damage your sales.

In the mean time feel free to like this post because of the cute animals.  Go on you know you want to.

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