Why you need a test version of your website

Having a second version of your website might seem like extra work, but in my years of supporting people who build their own websites, the biggest problem is stability. Unstable websites are often down to multiple plugins conflicting with each other, or orphan code left by deactivated or uninstalled plugins

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GDPR is an opportunity to demonstrate the integrity of your business

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last 6 months most business owners have at least heard of the new EU data protection regulation. We have actually had 2 years to prepare. The deadline to comply is fast approaching, at time of writing, we have just over a month until May 25th.

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What laws and legislation affect your business website

Do you know what legal responsibilities you have as a website owner? My blog post will cover some of the key regulations you need to consider.

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Does your website need to move to HTTPS?

SSL, HTTPs, website security and SEO Over the last couple of years, Google has pushed for websites to move to the https protocol and encrypt any data that they transmit. This began with higher ranking for websites running under HTTPS rather than HTTP. In January this year,  pressure was increased, by marking any e-commerce or […]

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My top 4 WordPress security Plugins

With security being such a hot topic at the moment, I thought I would take you through the top security plugins for WordPress.    Regular backups and running WordPress updates should be your first line of defense.  A security plugin should be your next priority for the security of your WordPress website. Please bare in mind […]

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As passionate about your projects as you are

How to ensure pain free WordPress updates

Most WordPress updates run smoothly, but when things go wrong they tend to go wrong spectacularly. Here are my tips to save pain and frustration

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