WordPress install DIY guide – Resources to support small businesses

Installing WordPress is fairly straightforward with a little technical knowledge.  With our free WordPress install guide we will make it even easier.  As a fellow small business owner I understand that not everyone can afford to hire a web designer to design and build their website.   If you are a micro business or a start […]

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Slow websites

How to make your WordPress website faster

Everyone wants a website that loads in under 2 second. The tricky part is knowing what changes will make a difference. Here are my top tips to make WordPress faster!

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How to save time and stress when building your first WordPress theme

If you have some PHP knowledge and a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, building a custom WordPress theme should be fairly straightforward. That said, there a few things I have found over time that might help. This is not a tutorial, but hopefully it will save you some pain.

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What laws and legislation affect your business website

Do you know what legal responsibilities you have as a website owner? My blog post will cover some of the key regulations you need to consider.

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Frustrated WordPress user

Troubleshooting a WordPress Plugin (and a very long day)

I spend a lot of my time on WordPress, for a fair number of different clients.  When I have problems the experience and advice on blogs and support forums is always invaluable.  To that end I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts myself.  Here I intend to share solutions I have found for […]

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Do you need a bespoke design or an off the shelf WordPress Theme?

There are many good commercial WordPress Themes that can be purchased for around $40  (marketplace sites like Theme Forrest are a good source).  Why pay for a bespoke design and WordPress theme?    As a web designer, I have to be honest, I am slightly biased, but I will try and stay as impartial as I […]

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