Let’s talk about: Safely running a WordPress update

WordPress updates can be scary if you are not confident with technology. Let’s talk about having a plan.

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Why you need a test version of your website

Having a second version of your website might seem like extra work, but in my years of supporting people who build their own websites, the biggest problem is stability. Unstable websites are often down to multiple plugins conflicting with each other, or orphan code left by deactivated or uninstalled plugins

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WordPress install DIY guide – Resources to support small businesses

Installing WordPress is fairly straightforward with a little technical knowledge.  With our free WordPress install guide we will make it even easier.  As a fellow small business owner I understand that not everyone can afford to hire a web designer to design and build their website.   If you are a micro business or a start […]

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Slow websites

How to make your WordPress website faster

Everyone wants a website that loads in under 2 second. The tricky part is knowing what changes will make a difference. Here are my top tips to make WordPress faster!

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How to save time and stress when building your first WordPress theme

If you have some PHP knowledge and a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, building a custom WordPress theme should be fairly straightforward. That said, there a few things I have found over time that might help. This is not a tutorial, but hopefully it will save you some pain.

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What laws and legislation affect your business website

Do you know what legal responsibilities you have as a website owner? My blog post will cover some of the key regulations you need to consider.

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