Meet Leonie Jane the Line and Form Virtual Assistant

You may have noticed the cartoons we use around the website. ‘Leonie Jane’ is our virtual mascot here at Line and Form. Over the coming weeks you will be seeing her more around the website as we add new content to help you do better business on-line.

To celebrate her  permanent employment at Line and Form we have decided to give expand her wardrobe a little.  After all a girl needs clothes.

Which one is your Favourite?

The Artist

It is all  about the creative process.   Encouraging creative ideas to put your business in the best light.


The Explorer

Digging out all the information you need to make the best use of the internet and social media.


The Collector

Sharing the gems of information, tips and tricks that we have collected over the years.


The scientist

Making sense of technology and putting it in plain English for everyone to understand.

scientist copy

Keep an eye out on the website for more Leonie Jane sightings over the coming weeks!