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Turn good intentions into real blog posts Over the years we have set up many websites and blogs for clients over a wide range of businesses.  The biggest problem always comes down to writing content and staying committed to writing over a long period of time.  Everyone starts with good intentions, but with busy professional […]

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The website workout: Top 10 tips to make your website work for a living

“If you website is under performing and not bringing you the traffic and customers you need. Do you know why? Do you have a way of measuring what your website is really doing for your business? Do you have set goals and targets? With 10 top tips Leonie will show you how to make your website a more powerful tool for your business. Time to build traffic, interact with customers and measure exactly how your website performs in the real world.

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Why does your business need a Blog?

Many websites and businesses have a blog, but I still have a few clients not convinced.  Even if they have a blog, they don’t use it as effectively as they could.   With that in mind I am going back to basics.   Here are my top 5 reasons why your business needs a blog. 1. To […]

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Turn ‘what do I write?’ into so much to share!

For those new to social media or blogging the most common question asked is ‘what do I write?’. There is nothing more terrifying than that white piece of paper, or blinking cursor on an empty screen. However, there are a lot of quite simple techniques to help you get started.

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