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7 steps to create traffic and clients from your website

The problem with a lot of business websites is they have not been designed with proper goals. Everyone knows they need a website. Most companies create a typical who, what, where, brochure style website.

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As passionate about your projects as you are

How to ensure pain free WordPress updates

Most WordPress updates run smoothly, but when things go wrong they tend to go wrong spectacularly. Here are my tips to save pain and frustration

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5 factors to consider before a website re-design

We all know that most websites need a face lift every couple of years, but before you rush out and spend big chunks of your marketing budget, you need to step back for a moment. Let’s consider these 5 important factors to ensure your new website earns its keep.

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Dealing with your web designer .. or your client.

The success of any web design is not just down to the skill of a creative and innovative designer, although it certainly helps. A successful project is created by good communication between client and designer.

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Turn ‘what do I write?’ into so much to share!

For those new to social media or blogging the most common question asked is ‘what do I write?’. There is nothing more terrifying than that white piece of paper, or blinking cursor on an empty screen. However, there are a lot of quite simple techniques to help you get started.

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Take some time to write

Your website needs a business plan

It is amazing how many people come to me to design a website with only a vague notion of why they want one…You will build a website without doing any real research, no plan, and often no real idea of how your website will support your business.

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