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Make your front page an attention grabbing shop window

Deciding what content goes onto your website front page is never a simple formula. If you work in a large organization, then almost every department will want a piece of what they see as prime real estate. Too much content and you loose impact, too little and you miss an opportunity to highlight the best of what you offer.

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5 factors to consider before a website re-design

We all know that most websites need a face lift every couple of years, but before you rush out and spend big chunks of your marketing budget, you need to step back for a moment. Let’s consider these 5 important factors to ensure your new website earns its keep.

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How we designed the new Line and Form website

Designing your own website is never easy. When you are a web designer by profession it is surprisingly difficult. Generally I’m busy designing for other people and when I am my own client, the pay is not very good either. But as the old Line and Form website was over two years old I knew it had to be done.

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Dealing with your web designer .. or your client.

The success of any web design is not just down to the skill of a creative and innovative designer, although it certainly helps. A successful project is created by good communication between client and designer.

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