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Take some time to write

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Turn good intentions into real blog posts Over the years we have set up many websites and blogs for clients over a wide range of businesses.  The biggest problem always comes down to writing content and staying committed to writing over a long period of time.  Everyone starts with good intentions, but with busy professional […]

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Make your front page an attention grabbing shop window

Deciding what content goes onto your website front page is never a simple formula. If you work in a large organization, then almost every department will want a piece of what they see as prime real estate. Too much content and you loose impact, too little and you miss an opportunity to highlight the best of what you offer.

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Have to have coffee to help you draft those docments

How to write good website content

Writing for the web is not the same as writing for printed materials. Attention spans on the web are short and reading on the screen is often uncomfortable. It is therefore important to edit down text and keep important information near the top of the page.

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Why does your business need a Blog?

Many websites and businesses have a blog, but I still have a few clients not convinced.  Even if they have a blog, they don’t use it as effectively as they could.   With that in mind I am going back to basics.   Here are my top 5 reasons why your business needs a blog. 1. To […]

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Creating successful stories to promote your business

Your success as a business is often not down to whether you are better than your competitors.    Successful businesses know how to spin their story and attract attention.  We want to do business with likeable, successful people who share our values.  By building the stories and background to your business, you can reinforce positive impressions, […]

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Is your website content sending you to sleep?

Make attention grabbing headlines not website wasteland

Are you lucky enough to be the first page of Google but not getting visitors? Are people visiting your site and immediately leaving again? Is your website made up of page upon page of text with no relief in sight?

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