Use QR codes more effectively than Tesco

Tesco is always quick to pick up on any marketing trend.   Unfortunately that does not always mean that they do it well.  Yesterday I noticed this QR code on a 2 for £3 offer on fruit.   Initially I was quite impressed.  Linking a QR code to a recipe, while the shopper is still in the store, seemed like a nice touch.   Not only do you get a reason for buying the fruit, but you can also pick up other ingredients, encouraging you to buy items you didn’t originally come in for.

I scanned the code and was promptly given a recipe for asparagus soup.  What is wrong with a recipe for cherry pie or blueberry muffins!

On this I would give Tesco 5/10.   The idea was good they just failed on execution.

So how do you use QR codes effectively

1.  It takes effort to scan a code give them an incentive to scan.  (A recipe was a nice idea)

2.  Make sure the content is suitable for a mobile device.  A link to your full size website will annoy most smart phone users.

3.  Make sure the reward was worth the effort and actually returns what you promised.  (Cherry pie not asparagus soup please.)

4.  Get creative.   A QR code can link to almost anything don’t link to your home page.

5.  Think about the location of the QR code.
(I still don’t see the point of putting one on the top side of a moving double decker bus.)

Of course the argument is still out on how effective QR codes are, but if they are used creatively I think we are going to see them for a while yet.

What is the worst or best  use of a QR code you have seen?

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