WordPress install DIY guide – Resources to support small businesses

Installing WordPress is fairly straightforward with a little technical knowledge.  With our free WordPress install guide we will make it even easier.  As a fellow small business owner I understand that not everyone can afford to hire a web designer to design and build their website.   If you are a micro business or a start up then you want to make the best of your cash flow.   Often that means rolling up your sleeves and doing a lot of the work yourself.   With that in mind I have added a range of free resources to get you started.   

Building a website with WordPress

If you don’t have any technical knowledge installing and configuring WordPress for the first time can be a confusing task.

To solve that problem I have uploaded the  updated version of our WordPress DIY quick start guide.  This is a compact 10 page guide that introduces you to what is needed to install WordPress as well as pointing you in the right direction for  choosing the right Themes and plugins.   You can download this below or on our downloads page where you will find other free resources.

Planning a website and writing content

Another useful resource is our  ‘Planning your website’ workbook .    Creating content is often the main barrier to making your new website live.  Our workbook will help you plan and write about the content you need to create.   We focus on your target audience and the problems you can solve for the.   Making your website customer focused will gain your more clients and a higher search engine ranking as you focus on effective keywords and phrases.

Look out for more resources in the near future as we expand our range of workbooks and free resources.