Custom WordPress Themes

We create custom WordPress themes for all the websites we design.   Using custom themes we have better control over the functionality and security of the websites we create.

Why use a custom WordPress Theme?

There are many and varied commercial themes to choose from.  If you are on a budget, a free or commercial WordPress theme may still work for you.  However, most commercial themes attempt to work for every variation that a client might need.   This can mean your website loads over bloated code for functionality that you are not using.   By creating custom themes we ensure that your website loads faster and only contains the code it needs.   This has the added advantage of making your website more secure and sustainable over a longer period of time.

Periodict table

An interactive periodic table editable using custom post types and layouts.

Create custom content with editable and interactive elements

WordPress can now handle editable complex content.   With a combination of custom post types, additional editable fields and custom coding, we can create custom layout that are versatile and editable.  One good example is out the Periodic Table we created for Promethean Particles.  Each square links to products them can create.  The table can be updated as they expand their operation with more products and the colour of the square changed via a custom post type.


Convert third party designs to WordPress

We are also happy to  convert designs provided by clients or other graphic designers to WordPress.   With advanced WordPress knowledge and web development skills, we balance maintainability, with the need for a fresh modern design for your website.    As many companies already have branding, we are to work with existing guidelines, to ensure your website remains a cohesive part of your marketing strategy.

What makes Line and Form WordPress themes different?

Sophisticated Layouts

historianstvWith custom post types and layouts, we can create sophisticated websites, that create a consistent look and feel, but are flexible enough to fit different types of content.  We take the full advantage of the developer friendly WordPress API to ensure your website stands out from the crowd while still remaining easy to edit and maintain.

The Historians on Teaching website is a great example of this.   With custom post types and a custom taxonomy, we made it easy for over 300 videos to be uploaded and categorized.

Good documentation and training

While WordPress is a user friendly system we don’t expect you to learn how to use it on your own.   We provide detailed documentation and training to ensure that your website can grew with your business needs.    Every website we build is supplied with a manual so you always have support material to hand.   We that it is easy to forget how to do more complex task in WordPress if you don’t edit your website everyday so manuals include easy step by step instructions and screenshots. Check out our editors manual.

Help is just an email or phone call away

We are always an email away if you have any questions and can be booked for more training if you have new staff members or just need to brush up your skills.