Upgrades and security

Wordpress + security = peace of mind

Part of the appeal of WordPress is the ease of which you can implement upgrades, for both WordPress and plugins.   Most of our clients are happy to implement those upgrades themselves, but for those that need help we are happy to implement those upgrades for you.

Keeping WordPress secure

We keep ahead of the latest security alerts for WordPress to ensure that we use the latest techniques on all the websites we install.

Daily backups

All websites hosted by Line and Form are backed up on a daily basis.  In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong we can easily and quickly revert your website to a previous version, ensuring  you don’t lose business or credibility with your customers and online audience.

Regular security updates

Regular security updates ensure that your website remains secure for both you and your customers.

Recommended Security Plugins

We recommend 3 main plugins:


This has a really good scan feature that will send out email notifications.

iThemes Security

Great for locking your website down and looking for any possible weaknesses to help harden your website against attacks.

Backup Buddy

For extra peace of mind you should have regular backups.  Backup Buddy is easy to install and has it’s own restoration scripts to make it easy to restore a website from a clean backup.