What WordPress plugins do we install?

Every website is different, the plugins needed and nature of the install for WordPress will change based on the project.  However, as a base line here are the plugins we recommend and install on the websites we build.

Yoast SEO
In our opinion the essential plugin for search engine optimization.  Easy to use and effective.

Bad Behavior
Helps prevent spammers from accessing and compromising your website.

Ninja Forms or Gravity Forms
While we are a big fan of Gravity Forms, it can be overfill for some websites, so we tend to go towards Ninja Forms free plugin these days.

WordFence Security
Helps lock down any security risks when installing WordPress.

Login LockDown
Stops repeated login attempts to your website and can also block certain IP’s that repeatedly try to login without the right credentials.

W3 Total Cache
The fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plugin. After you use the w3 total cache plugin you won’t go back to using WP Super Cache.

Our preferred backup plugin for WordPress.  However, if you are looking for a none commercial one BackUpWordPress is also very good.

The market leader in combating comment spam.  However, if you are looking for a free version we also recomment Anti SpamBee

This is a new addition to our list.  In the past I have not been a fan of layout and page builder plugins.   But Elementor has proved to be flexible while not overloading the page with extra code.  It give you a lot more power than the standard WordPress editor and is intuitive to use.

There are a lot more plugins out there, but we tend to keep out base line, install small and only install essential plugins.  This helps keep your website faster and more secure.