Write content that converts visitors into customers

Everyone wants more traffic to their website.   Once you have visitors you want to create sales or convert visitors into potential clients.  Most of the potential traffic to any website comes through Google,  and there comes the challenge. Unfortunately people don’t search for you unless you are a large brand.   Getting ranking on high level keywords can be difficult.  However, there is a solution.

In the vast proportion of searches people are looking to solve problems.  You can take advantage of that by changing the way you write content for your website. It’s time to think like your customers and change the type of traffic you get.

Lets convert more visitors into sales and paying clients.

Think problem, solution, results

A simple formula that I have found gets results is to think of new content in terms of:

problem + solution = results

If you are  an accountant your customer might be confused about what records they need, to to keep the tax man happy.   On your site you might write:

“Everyone gets confused about keeping records.  We can help you set up a effetive record keeping system. We will save you time and money and keep the taxman happy.”

You are talking about the problem, offering a solution and telling them what the result will be.  This could be be an article about better record keeping, or a marketing advertisement for  consultancy services, the important factor is that the content will  reflect the thought processes of your customer.

If you sell sterling silver jewellery you might suggest:

‘Stopping sterling silver from tarnishing is easy.  With these simple steps you will have sparkling jewellery without a speck of tarnish.’

Again you have identified a problem offered a solution and explained the result.

This process can be put into a simple sentence or a full blown article. Rather than writing a description of  your services or products, you are offering  the benefits and solutions to problems that you can solve.   This will appeal to both the visitor to your website and the Google alogarths that control your postion in search results.

  • You will be scattering your site with more effective keywords
  • Usefull content is shared which will improve your search ranking
  • It will change the way you think about your business
  • And improve coversion from visitor to customer and sale.

So what are the problems  suffered by your potential customers? How can you solve them? What are the results and benefits of your solutions that will make you stand out?

Time to start rewriting your content today.