Why I love training and sharing skills

Unlocking the secrets to a great blogI spend almost as much time training people as I do building websites.   It might come as a surprise, coming from a developer, but I really enjoy training and sharing my skills.  In this weeks blog post I thought I would share why.

The light bulb moment

There is nothing more satisfying than watching that light-bulb moment on the face of a student.   When you work with someone over a period of time it is amazingly satisfying to watch their confidence grew.

Watching a project develop can be fascinating

A lot of my clients come to me because they have specific  projects they want to build.     With custom  one on one training, I can build the training around what they want to achieve.  I often watch projects take shape as part of the training sessions and love seeing the finished results.

Reaffirming my own skills

Teaching is also a great way to keep my own skills polished.  I don’t agree with the old adage that those that can’t teach.   For me teaching keeps my own skills sharp. The act of explaining why something works stops me from taking  years of knowledge for granted.

I’m helping small businesses grew their own skill set

I always look forward to the next challenge.   I love sharing skills that other small businesses can use to grew independently from me.

Of course I have to finish with a shameless plug.   If you need one on one training find out more here.