Target the right keywords get the right audience

One of the first things I do with any new client is get them to do a quick review of who their customers are and the type of traffic they want to attract.   Most new businesses have quite a wide view of what they do and the sort of visitor they will attract.  However, if they are not properly targeting keywords they will not be converting these results into new clients or sales.

Are you targeting the right keywords?

Let’s start with an example for a mythical company that makes buckets.  They want to target the keyword ‘buckets’.  When putting the word into Google you get the results below.


Targeting the word bucket was not getting any sales. On closer investigation it turns out the company actually make seaside buckets for sandcastles.  By refining the targeted keywords and putting  ‘Sandcastle bucket’ into Google you  get the result below.    This refined search phrase will be much more likely to gain the visitors who actually want to buy sandcastle buckets.


Think like your customer

With a little more research it turns out that a lot of people looking for sandcastle buckets also search for ‘bucket and spade’ or ‘Seaside sandcastle bucket and spade’  So targeting more than one related phrase increases the possibility that the right visitors are attracted to the website.

Target keywords that mean something to your customer

When prioritising keywords you need to consider very seriously ‘the type of bucket’ you actually make.

  • Refine your targeted keywords
  • Think local
  • Make them specific
  • Think like a human not a thesaurus

With a little research and more imaginative thinking you too can attract the visitors that will convert into new sales or new clients.