website design

5 factors to consider before a website re-design

We all know that most websites need a face lift every couple of years, but before you rush out and spend big chunks of your marketing budget, you need to step back for a moment. Let’s consider these 5 important factors to ensure your new website earns its keep.

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Let’s talk about creating a successful website

With all the tools we have at our finger tips why are so many businesses still not getting their website right.   Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  Boring content.

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WordPress install DIY guide – Resources to support small businesses

Installing WordPress is fairly straightforward with a little technical knowledge.  With our free WordPress install guide we will make it even easier.  As a fellow small business owner I understand that not everyone can afford to hire a web designer to design and build their website.   If you are a micro business or a start […]

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GDPR is an opportunity to demonstrate the integrity of your business

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last 6 months most business owners have at least heard of the new EU data protection regulation. We have actually had 2 years to prepare. The deadline to comply is fast approaching, at time of writing, we have just over a month until May 25th.

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Slow websites

How to make your WordPress website faster

Everyone wants a website that loads in under 2 second. The tricky part is knowing what changes will make a difference. Here are my top tips to make WordPress faster!

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Dealing with your web designer .. or your client.

The success of any web design is not just down to the skill of a creative and innovative designer, although it certainly helps. A successful project is created by good communication between client and designer.

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